At the Aqua Terra Zoo


One of my favorite things to do is to go with Masen to the Zoo. We almost go every 2 weeks and he loves it every time! The first thing that we do, is stroking the fishes! It’s so hillarious when there nibbleing his fingers… it tickles 🙂

Then we go to see the Reptiles.

After that we go to his loved Monkeys… Monkeys are like his favorite Animals so far. They are so cute! Sometimes they climbe into his stroller and try to steal some cookies from Masen. They are so cheeky, but he enjoys it every time when they are climbing around and he always trys to catch them.

I love this room so much! It looks like a little jungle and the kids can play around!

Now its time to see the fishes. They are so many of them, but these are his favorite ones 🙂

Masen is so fascinated by the Jellyfishes!

The last thing on the top of the building is this huge Aquarium with Sharkes, Stingray and all kind of Fishes.

On the roof terrace you can see the whole city. Vienna is so beautiful, i love my home town !!!

hope you guys loved it as much as we did 🙂

have a nice day !


Masens Outfit:

Shirt: h&m
Pants: Gray Label (Der kleine Salon)
Shoes: Nike Jordan

Location: Haus des Meeres, Vienna