DIY Wall Banner


Now that Masen is getting older, i decided to transform his Nursery into a toddler Room so he has more space to play. I just love the Moochrome black and white style latley so much … and i think i will go for it .. hope that will fit with the gray chevron wallpaper i already have .We just moved into our new home one year ago and i already got bored of the wallpaper. That’s so typcial me, i always need change.

Today i’m going to do a diy banner/flag for Masen …get all your supplies and lets start 🙂

You will need: Paper 25x35cm (a thicker one), Glue or Gluegun, a Stick (i used chopsticks i had at home), Yarn, Scissors, Exacio Knife, Beads and feaders (optional), white Pensil and a Ruler!


Just measure the paper and mark it in the middle, then go about 5cm up and do the middle line.. form the middle line just do two lines on bouth sides so you create a triangle.


Next step, cut the part out, so you get a shape like this.


Then write a letter or something you like …


Cut it out. I used an Exacto Knife.


Next step is to glue the sticks on the paper.


Now is time to decorate. I just put few feaders on the side, You can also put on some beads or pom poms …Make sure that you turn the paper on the clean side 😉 !


Last step is to knot the yarn on both sides of the stick so you can hang it.


Taaadaaaa here it is 🙂 Made with love for my little boy!


… now its your turn to get creative 😉